Ron Rosenstock - I see in light reflectance values

First camera

The Brownie Target 620. It was roll film. You know, a little box you looked down into, and you could see straight ahead.

[My passion] grew over time. I kept on having fairly profound experiences

Profound experience

I didn’t know who Edward Weston was. I went to the museum. I just walked around a corner and saw Edward Weston’s photograph of a cabbage leaf on a wall. Without even thinking, I swear this leaf took a breath. It seemed to expand... like a lung.

I was frozen to the spot. It was one of those conscious moments. There was something that came from Edward Weston, to his image, to me.

It changed the course of my life.


It’s been over 50 years of being seriously involved in photography. I eat, sleep, everything. I mean, I have dreams about it.

Affect on life

I can see light reflectance values. I see contrast where people see subject matter. Honestly, I see subject matter second. First I see the density of the shadows cast by light.

I see differently.


If someone loves photography, they should know in their heart that they can do it. Never to question, “Can I do it?” Photography is not a competitive sport. There are a lot of organizations where they sort of compete. That is not my thing, at all.

It’s a path for personal growth. That’s what photography is. It’s discovering who you really are.

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